• September 08, 2016

    StarbaseJet and Four Points Aero Services
    announce Strategic Partnership.

    StarbaseJet, a leading provider of private jet aircraft management and charter services,
    today announced a Strategic Partnership with Four Points Aero Services to deliver an
    enhanced level of service and support for all StarbaseJet aircraft maintenance operations
    nationwide. These enhancements will immediately enable StarbaseJet to provide its
    customers with an increased level of aircraft maintenance support at home base as well
    as when the customer's aircraft is on the road.

    "As an established ARG/US Platinum rated and IS-BAO audited air carrier, StarbaseJet
    already performs at a very high-level across a broad spectrum of aircraft-related
    services", said Randall Reed, StarbaseJet's CEO. "Leveraging this strategic partnership
    further enables our company to maintain the highest level of aircraft maintenance service
    and support, while also keeping pace with the rapidly evolving challenges in an everincreasing regulatory compliance environment".

    Four Points Aero Services President and CEO, Tom Montgomery added that "The
    alliance between these two industry-leading companies not only brings significant aircraft
    maintenance service and support enhancements to all StarbaseJet customers, but it also
    provides preferred pricing and scheduling for all major inspections, aircraft pre and postflight activity and aircraft pre-buy assessments and inspections".

    StarbaseJet's Director of Operations, Chuck Simmons further commented that "The
    launch of this partnership enables StarbaseJet to offer its customers immediate access
    to a variety of proven aircraft maintenance consulting services, including proactive
    assessment and compliance expertise and short and long term integrated maintenance
    planning". "We look forward to working together with the team at Four Points to bring
    these service and pricing enhancements to all existing and new StarbaseJet customers".

    About StarbaseJet
    Starbase Jet is an ARG/US Platinum rated and IS-BAO audited FAA-certificated Air
    Carrier specializing in providing aircraft management and private jet charter services to
    its worldwide customer base. The company maintains offices in Houston and Dallas
    Texas, with satellite operations bases in several other US cities.

    About Four Points Aero Services
    Four Points Aero Services is a Part 145 FAA-certificated aircraft technical services
    company with corporate headquarters located at the Dallas Love Field airport. The
    company provides full maintenance, repair, and overhaul services (MRO) and other MRO
    support services for a broad variety of corporate and general aviation aircraft. Four Points
    specializes in airframe maintenance and repair, engine repair and maintenance, and
    avionics repair and maintenance.